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This is my blog, purpose is to update all my friends and family on how I am and what myself, the family and our friends have planned for the time I have left.

I will include updates on my treatments, how I am feeling and what we are planning as a family. I do have a lot planned so don't expect daily updates, hopefully this will give you some general information but I am happy to answer questions and all suggestions are welcome.


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February (Life in the fast lane)

Hi all,

Well here I am again. Its been a busy couple of weeks, but really good so I thought I would update you all.

As a quick aside I will apologise in advance if what I am about to write doesn't make sense but I have my treatment tomorrow so am dosed up on steroids (generally have 3 a day but today, tomorrow and thursday have 8 a day. Steroids make me a bit hyper so this may be abit ramble-y.)

So what have we been up to?

First we have had the kids parents evenings (always during the day but still called parents evening), for some reason I always get nervous...I don't know why but I feel that a reflection of your kids comes back to you. Luckily we have fantastic kids so escaped the "session with teacher" with a smile on our faces. Well done Tom and Katie.

Next we are lucky enough to have half term at a different time to everyone else so managed to book a holiday at "Sandy Balls" at non peak rates. For those of you who don't know Sandy Balls is a camp site in the New Forest near where we used to live so we got to spend time with Al and Amy (Craigs Bro) and to take a trip out to Broad Oak to see Jess, Dave, Kathy, Tracy, and Andy then have tea with Iz before having lunch with Cindy, Julia, Suzette and Laura.

Seeing you all was great and I want to say thanks for giving up your time to see me, its weird but I know you all and forget that you now work in different businesses but I do appreciate speaking to work people. I don't miss the work but I do appreciate the relationships you build at work and feel that I previously took these for granted.

As a quick aside - Barry - I know your family work at Sandy Balls but I didn't get to say "Hi" so pass on my thanks. I would definately recommend the Lodges there for a holiday. - we had a great time.

For those of you "HR" people still working for a living I would highly promote some HR team building, like we did in Insyte. The common thread from my travels, texts and contacts since retiring, do come back to some of the Insyte teams workshops and days out (whilst these were all work related...yeh...they appear to have had a big impact on the team relationships) they have stood the test of time because we have all commented on how "teamy" they made us, and how the majority of us - who are now in different businesses - or in my case retired, are still in touch.

So other stuff. As I said earlier I have my treatment tomorrow, Chemo and Herceptin. Whilst I have lost the majority but not all of my hair (love my wig)I have had a good response to the treatment so far so I am pleased that I have the energy to do things with the kids and at home.

Me and the kids have been getting creative in the kichen making biscuits whilst Craig with the help of Nanny and Grandad have been decorating the kids rooms (Katies done - Toms in progress) and I've even called on some of my old HR skills by helping John (father in law) interview a new salesman.

So responding better than I expected to the Chemo we now have lots of things planned and are currently booked up most weekends with something and looking to book in some of Craigs friends from down south which I am really looking forward to. Add that to the planned trip to Centre parks, break with D&D, Hen party, Barge Trip. As you can see its a good job I don't work anymore as I just wouldnt have the time.....The one thing that this makes me realise is how much working for a living takes over your life so seeing as I am in a preachy mood today I am going to tell all you HR and BAE people to remember that there is life outside work. You all work hard and long hours but need to remember that time spent with Family and friends is important so don't put it to the side. Balance is hard to strike but dont take the people you don't see every day for granted.

Well there you go...didn't think I had much to say but written loads again. I hope you all well, planning holidays and working hard (but not long) and more importantly not taking what you have for granted. Enjoy and appreciate every day.

Love from Toni


  1. catherine keyes10 March 2011 at 08:06

    Hi Toni

    Your energy continues to ooze!

    Good advice to BAE!

    Nimrods gone - letters next week.

    Feel quite relaxed about not having a plan!

    Take care


  2. Toni, just catching up on your blogs... But, you couldn't say it better about there being a life outside work... I wish I could afford to work less but I know I work to live, not live to work and any opportunity I get to take time off, I am taking it... And, your blogs are an inspiration and remind me why I should appreciate the time off I have with family and friends. xx


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