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Monday, 28 March 2011

Easter Approaching

Hello everyone.

Well for a change its not long since my last post. I am in Johns shop at the moment so have a bit of time which I thought I would put to some use.

Having debated long and hard, (well for a year now) on what to leave for Craig and the kids I have finally made a decision and made a start.

To explain I bought memory boxes and intended to fill them with stuff but having got the boxes found that I didn't have much to put in them. Next I got some note books so that I could write things for the kids but I couldn't decide what to write. Then I started to go through my photographs with the intention of writing on the back of them only to realise that the majority of my photos are of me and the girls, drunk in some pub with people that I now don't remember...not appropriate memories for the kids. So as you can see I struggled for a bit but have now found what I want to do and therefore need help from a couple of you.

In a nutshell there are two things. No 1) is my thoughts for the future and memories of the here and now which I am capturing in note books for Craig and the kids. No 2) is trying to capture some of my memories from the past which is where I need some help....hence this blog.

I have realised my life breaks down into chapters and the people who were part of these chapters are different. This means that peoples memories of me will differ greatly so being a logical person I am going to try and capture some memories from these chapters that I can write down for Craig and the kids so here goes.

Chapter 1 is my infancy...age 0 to 10 and for this I can only rely on family so Mum, Dad, Scot, Wendy and Ray, Ste and Doreen if there are any stand out things that you remember that would be good to capture let me know.

Chapter 2 is secondary school, so those of you from St Joes and Adlington get your thinking caps on. Debbie, it was our facebook reminicence that started all this (thanks - you are a star and managed to get me started)

Chapter 3 is my teenage years, Mick, Doey, AJ, and our exploits every weekend the length and breadth of the country, Ex Lostock mob, Andy (already spoken to you x) Gareth who introduced me to the outward bound life and scouting. The rest of you, too many to mention are welcome to join in.

Chapter 4 will be my move down south, Jules was there for the majority of this but any memories from the the Stevenage mob would be greatly appreciated.

Chapter 5 will be leaving BAE and working in London - this is when me and Craig got together so Craig, Julie and Donna will be able to help with the majority of this.

Chapter 6 will be life down south so working on the Isle of Wight, Broad Oak and Frimley and our Insyte adventures

Chapter 7 will be life as a parent and our times in Bishopstoke....which is down to me and Craig

Chapter 8 will be moving back up north and becoming a fully fledged member of the Sargent family, and working life at Warton and Samlesbury.

Chapter 9 will be the here and now.

So, to recap I have decided to try and write down some of the memories from my life and have some fun thinking back to some of the daft things that I have done. Now whilst my brain still works I will be doing the majority of this but I would like to ask those of you who have both the time and the interest, to contribute by telling me some of what you remember.

It doesn't have to be pretty, text messages, photos, emails or notes would all be appreciated. The idea is that I can leave Tom and Katie with something to look through when they are older, that gives them a feel as to who I was and the things that I did. So anything that you can remember, both good and bad will be appreciated....so get your thinking caps on.

My email address is ToniNaylor@btinternet.com, phone is 07975023545 and this blog is ToniNaylor.blogspot.com

Cheers all


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  1. I wish cameras had been as prolific during our school years as they are now... I can think of loads of things we all did at school as a form - merit trips, school parties and discos, one charity run thing that we did as a form and all had to hold on to a rope and run together but sadly, I have the memories but absolutely no photos!! I do hope you're having more luck from other people - think it's a really good idea!! Anne Burns xx


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