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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Very Red And Blotchy

Well the one thing to be greatful for is I didn't look like this on Friday when we got married.  I think my body was holding on for the special occasion.

I mentioned my rash and being a bit itchy in my last post but god help me......I am sooo itchy. 

Rather than describe where the rash is, it would be easier to say the only places where my rash ISN'T so picture this the lumpy red rash is not visible is on my hands, my feet and my chin but is very visible everywhere else.  Luckily it rained today so I had an excuse to wrap up when we went out.

The rash is like heat rash, small red lumps all over body and the urge to scratch is all consuming.  Whilst I knew this was a likely side effect I gave in yesterday and contacted the nurse.  I felt a bit of a wuss saying help me I'm itchy but didn't at the time realise how difficult it would be to get something.

Now before I continue you need to understand that at the age of 18 months I came out in a rash, at the time my parents didn't have much money but being their first child they splashed out and bought the "best" for their new baby girl and covered me in Johnsons and Johnsons. 

Now this rash spread, so mum put more cream on only to find it spread again until I was completely covered and in response my hair, eye lashes, eye brows etc fell out.  Now at this age I didn't have much but you can imagine the panic my parents were going through so Dr was called and it turns out I was allergic to Johnsons and Johnsons.

Given this experience, having no hair already and already being covered in a rash makes me reluctant to smother myself in creams so I did the sensible thing and rang my allocated nurse.  After 5 hours of scratching she rang me back to ask if I had rung Clatterbrigde (cancer hospital)  "no" hadn't rung them I rang you.  So I ring Clatterbridge only to be asked if I had rung my GP....No.

By this time it is 5pm yesterday so I rang the GP to get an appointment only to be told they are fully booked on Wednesday and by this time I am starting to climb the walls.   Do you know how hard it is not to scratch an itch!  Anyway at 8 am I ring the GP again to see if I can get an appointment but no they close early on a Wednesday so I rather calmly I explain that I don't actually need to see the Dr, I just need some antihistemeens (excuse spelling) and was suprised to say that the receptionist was very helpful and said she would speak to the Dr and if all ok get them delivered to the pharmacy at Tesco.....yippee the end is in sight....well almost.

After dropping the kids at school we went to Tesco to be met by a blank stare.  Nothing from my surgery.  Rather than scream out loud at the poor woman looking at me I scoured the shelves for a suitably soothing cream and tried to get out of tesco's without  stabbing some poor unsuspecting soul.  As you can imagine this whole experience was testing my patience some what.

My response to not being able to scratch is to occupy my hands doing something useful so Craig was over the moon to find me walk straight in the door and start to make an apple and rhubarb pie.  (Luce you would be so impressed a dessert that involves actual cooking!)

Anyhow in reward for my efforts Craig went back to tesco tonight whilst I was putting kids to bed and finally picked up my meds....I just need them to start working.    scratch scratch scratch....

Hopefully once the meds kick in I will look a little less red and blotchy - after all its Tom's party this weekend and i don't want him trying to explain to his freinds that the strawberry coloured lunatic in the corner is his mummy.

Hope you are all fairing better than I am.

Speak to you soon.

Toni  : )


  1. Toni

    Am so sorry to laugh but love this blog. Only trouble - am already feeling the need to itch myself...... Thanks!
    Hope the pills give you some relief - and hope the apple & rhubard pie was yummy xx

  2. you mean you're not a green light patient at your gp's yet? i felt that after my diagnosis, it suddenly became very easy to get an appt, whereas previously it had been '3 weeks on thursday madam'. If there is one place you can use the guilt trip - then this is it! Just say you're experience side-effects of the treatment for cancer! Reminded me of when I was going through chemo - and was throwing up for britain. Managed to get a housecall from the emergency doc so I could have the anti-nausea jab (I already had the meds) in my bum and the doc turned up without syringes! I'm afraid I wasn't so controlled - and when he said he would have to drive back to the surgery to get syringes, my response was 'you have got to be kidding!?'. hope the meds have kicked in! xx

  3. Oh sweetie that made me chuckle, I know it shouldnt but when you gotta scratch you gotta scratch. And I always believed you were the calm, quiet type.


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