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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Tom's Party

Well after what we have faced over the last couple of months you would think that organising a birthday party for our 5 year old son would be straight forward.  Wishful thinking...

There were times today when the stress levels reached boiling point and the language coming from Craig was choice to say the least. 

The day got off to a late start as this was the only day the kids didn't wake up in the early hours so when we woke up at 8 we were already rushing around.  The original plan of the day was to head to the Hall for 9.30 to set up for the party which started at 10.  We had 25 children coming along with adults and entertainer and had a couple of cars with food so as you would expect we got the hall early.

Now when we booked the hall we said the party would be 10 til 12 and that we would set up at 9.30 and be out for 1pm.  We spoke to the woman over the phone and again in person when we paid the deposit.  Having rushed around in the morning we got to the hall early hoping we could hang up banners and blow up balloons before everyone arrived.

By 9.20 Craig was starting to stomp around, by 9.40 the swearing started and Craig sent Alan to the old dears (with the key) house'.  by 9.50 Craig was arguing with her grandchildren because no one knew where she was.  At this time the Entertainer had arrived and kids and their parents were rolling up and we were still in the car park.

We asked the parents to hang on for a couple of minutes but when the lady with the key still didn't show up at 10.00 we made a last minute decision to relocate the party to our house.  Now as I said before we woke up late and left in a hurry and hadn't anticipated inviting 40+ people back at the house so this was a brave decision.  (One of those where you just try not to think about the state you left the kitchen in).

So with no notice we relocated the party and our house, luckily the parents didn't mind the inconvenience and the entertainer was brilliant considering we didn't give him any time to set up and put him in the dining room with 24 very energetic children. Whilst the rest of the adults tried to sort out the food and decorate the house.

Thankfully the rest of the party went to plan but to say we breathed a sigh of relief to see the last 5 yr old go would be an understatement.  We just feel very lucky to have family and friends who don't mind mucking in a house big enough to accomodate the odd party.  Happy Birthday for Monday Tom.  Love you little man.

Now that our list of impromptu parties has ended we a planning to take a break from having a house full of people, which will hopefully give us time to start planning the proper do in July.  We have a meeting with the hotel next week to start arranging the details and will hopefully have the invites out to you all soon but in the mean time keep the date in your diary.  "Sunday 18th July"

Oh and in case you were wondering...the pills work and my rash has gone down and the itching has reduced just a pity I have to go through it all again in two weeks.  Hopefully my body will get used to it and it won't be too bad next time.

Night all



  1. Congratulations to you and Craig. Sounds like you have a hectic few weeks !! Glad the itchin has calmed down and the rash is easing. x x

  2. Gosh you poor thing - life not boring then?!!!

    Sounds like a script for a comedy, but very pleased the party went well in the end - I bet Tom enjoyed it more at home.

    Have Docleaf provided you with a 24hr advice line?

    Very best wishes


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