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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Excitement meets reality

Hi all,

This week has been flying by again with us finalising plans for the "Do" and starting to think about holidays.

Being in this situation makes you think about where you have always wanted to go as it is very likely this will be both my honeymoon and my last proper holiday I wanted to go big. We set ourselves a fairly decent budget, booked travelling companions and babysitters then cast the net wide and with the help of our friendly travel agent we found a holiday in Jamaica which was reduced by 50% so we really could go big......on the verge of just saying "sod it just book it" we thought about travel insurance.

I've already spoken to the doctor about my travelling and had some cancer insurance agencies recommended so was expecting to have to pay more to travel and so I had estimated about £300. So yesterday morning I rang around and having been rejected (very nicely) by 4 "cancer specialist" insurance companies I finally got a quote.

... are you ready. the quote was £1935.....just for me, included tracable baggage tags but didn't include anything to do with my current medical conditions....yes £2K insurance and it doesn't insure "me" only my luggage!

So back to the drawing board for me I think....looks like we are going to have to look a bit closer to home...maybe blackpool! only joking.

So all in all a disappointing experience but luckily it doesn't take much to keep me happy I just need somewhere to kip and a good book so I am sure we will find something.

I hope you are all well and enjoying the summer....its going to be a hot one this weekend.

Speak to you soon



  1. Oh my gosh!!!!!!! The robbing you know whats. Well its a long boring flight anyway to Jamaica so you'll have a gr8 time closer to home. Hope the plans are going well. Think me & Lucy r slightly closer to getting our costumes sorted. Really looking forward to it, its going to be a brilliant day. Well good luck with the honeymoon hunting. cu soon Sarah xx

  2. Cat - Woodford25 June 2010 at 03:54

    Hi Toni

    Long flight for children too! But daylight robbery!
    See link and factsheet - Macmillan may have some options you have not tried


    There is one called Insure Pink who claim to have worked with Breast Cancer charities to tailor their support. Fact sheet as of May this year, so should be up to date.

    Good to know that you are busy - will suit you better!

    Have a great weekend - sun again - lovely.


    Cat xx


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