Hi all,

This is my blog, purpose is to update all my friends and family on how I am and what myself, the family and our friends have planned for the time I have left.

I will include updates on my treatments, how I am feeling and what we are planning as a family. I do have a lot planned so don't expect daily updates, hopefully this will give you some general information but I am happy to answer questions and all suggestions are welcome.


Monday, 21 June 2010

How Time Flies

Hi all,

When I used to work and Craig stayed home I thought he had loads of time on his hands to play on the playstation and generally potter about. Having been home for a couple of months now I am finding the reality very different. I now understand how retired people say they had no time for work.

The days go past in a blur and now we are in a routine I don't know how we get time to do anything. The too-ing and fro-ing backwards and forwards to school gives the day structure but also limits what we can do and how far we can stray. The routine of home, shopping, cleaning and kids added to party planning and general life planning means the days now fly by.

So apologies for not being in touch but I just don't know where the time goes. All of this is great because it means I never really get the opportunity to dwell on my situation as I am too busy living in the here and now. I keep thinking that i should write some things down and think about what comes next but being honest at the moment I am just too busy.

So update for you all.

Treatment is going well, no syptoms to speak of other than hot and cold sweats brought on by menopause and irratic sleep patterns (hence writting this at 1.40 in the morning) but all things I can cope with.

Plans for the wedding continue and we have lots of people coming - (thanks to those of you who have confirmed). We are just finalising details now like photographer and entertainment and tomorrow we are planning to go shopping for our own fancy dress outfits ...no idea what I'm going to wear. Hope the weather is good as we have ordered the prizes today....i hope you are all up for some fun.

Other stuff progresses well too, with the paperwork side of things gradually getting sorted which means we can now focus on holiday plans and doing stuff to the house and garden.

Thanks to all of you who keep in touch and thanks to the girls who came and watched me over the weekend it was great to see you all (Craig was away and won't leave me unattended!) so thanks for Toni sitting : )

Will be in touch soon

Keep smiling.


Love to Sarah McB/W

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