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Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy 2011 to everyone.

I trust that you have all had a great Christmas and are now back at work. Being back at work in January is generally a bit depressing after a good Christmas but it sounds like there is lot going on. BAe are going through lots of changes and most of you seem to be changing jobs so sounds like you are all going to have a busy year ahead. Remember change is good so enjoy it, you would only be bored if everything stayed the same. : )

Things have quietened down in the Sargent household after a great new year party - thanks to all the family for coming. We are still working up the enthusiasm to tidy up but luckily the house survived and I can't believe the kids stayed up til past midnight and were all very well behaved. As ever the party was great and lots was drunk with most of us finishing around 5 in the morning so you can imagine the next day was a bit of more gentle for those who stopped over, and I have heard that some went home and took quite some time to recover.....

Everything else is much the same, kids are back at school, I'm back at the hospital and Craig is looking after everyone and keeping us sane. With me, I start my chemo on Monday which is likely to make me feel a bit crap so I thought I had best update my blog whilst I have the energy.

Thanks to those of you who visit us, its great to see so many of you, and I appreciate those of you who come to see me...I'm getting used to being a non driver and even have the local taxi on speed dial so I don't feel anywhere near as house bound as I used to.

Once I get into the rhythm of the Chemo we will make some plans, particularly for the birthdays at the end of the month so if you have any suggestions please say. Until then, keep doing what you are doing and I will speak to you all soon.

Love and best wishes.


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  1. Hi Toni

    Happy New Year! Sounds like you welcomed it in style!

    Oh the misery of chemo! I hope you are feeling a bit better this week.

    Woodford fading fast - expect most departures by end of March - I think Nimrods to be chopped up very soon!

    EH&WB gathering speed - Mike and Nick expect the business case to be ready by end March too.

    At home, we have a new pup! Totally delightful, but relatively messy!!!

    Take care

    love Catherine


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