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This is my blog, purpose is to update all my friends and family on how I am and what myself, the family and our friends have planned for the time I have left.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Merry Christmas one and all

Merry Christmas everyone and a big thanks from me for all of you who have kept in touch with me over the past year.

I hope that you are all getting ready for a break and having a lovely christmas day with your families.

Craig and I have just returned from a fantastic weekend down south where we met Cindy and had a meal with Alan and Amy, before setting off for Seans wedding. I was convinced I was going to be sensible but what can I say...too much alcohol was consumed and I had a fantastic time at the party, one of the best "do"s in a long time. This led to a hangover the following day which could only be addressed by a good pub meal and well...all afternoon in the pub, with a damn good curry for tea. I have to say it was a fantastic weekend so thanks to Al and Amy.

Heading back home took an age, never seen snow like it, Craig took great care and we made it back in 7 hours...god I was so glad to be home even if the house was freezing. Barb and John were fantastic as always looking after our little people one of which has been a bit poorly.

So here I am back home, enjoying wrapping presents for what I know will be my last Christmas, it is odd, and I don't want to get you down but being in this situation makes you appreciate the little things in life...like choosing presents for the kids. I know we have got too much but this will be my last so I had to make it count.

So onto to the medical stuff....I had the MRI last week and the doc has confirmed the cancer in my brain has spread...now don't worry. I feel fine. But this means that I am on more drugs and will be starting Chemo in the new year. The chemo wont fix anything, and may make me feel like crap but it may buy me a bit more time. So at the moment I am enjoying feeling ok.

When I say feel ok, I can feel things in my head that Ive not felt before, what is bizzare is at the moment I just feel woozy, like being pissed so on the whole...not too bad. It is likely to get worse, particularly when my treatment starts again in January but at least I get to enjoy a good christmas feeling relatively normal.

As you would expect the Doc cant say how I am likely to respond or how long I have but I trust him to look after me and with Sarah (nurse) make sure that I am at my best. They are still talking months so dont think you will be getting rid of me too soon. So with all of this I am still in good spirits and enjoying the little things in life....Like Christmas.

I hope that you all make an effort to enjoy these little things this year and get some good quality time with the people who matter. We will be having a party which I know will be momentous as usual so those of you who are coming get yourselves ready for a good one.

Love as always

Toni, Craig, Tom and Katie

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