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Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm back online! Wahoo

Oh what a relief it is to have a computer in front of me! I never realised I was such an gadget freak until I got my iphone (which now never leaves my side). Anyway this isn't my laptop as ours is still being repaired after it had a full glass of wine at our Disney Party (more on that later,) I am currently in John's shop (Freshfield Kitchens if any of you would like a new kitchen or bathroom - he is very good)so have access to the outside world and thought I would take the opportunity to catch up with everyone and update my blog.


OK boring stuff first....

All ok on the health front, I have finished my Chemo but still have my herceptin every 3 weeks. I've got a scan booked in for next week and will then have a review with the Doc the week after. I've reduced my steroids in an attempt to lose some weight and aside from the occasional headache I'm feeling fine.

So on to the more interesting stuff....

As I am guessing you have now come to expect we have been up to all sorts this last month. And as always are busily planning what we will be doing next month and beyond.

Disney Party

This was a party for our little people and intended to be a bit of dressing up fun for both mine and my brothers kids. As you can imagine the adults took over and everyone dressed up and we were all very silly. I was tweetie pie and we had bugs bunny, sylvester, orvill, a couple of minnie mouses, alice in wonderland, robin hood, mr potato head, cruella and this was just the adults. The kids had a lot of fun but I think the adults enjoyed it more and as we carried on into the very early hours we had some breakages and a full glass of wine over my laptop, which is luckily insured.

Before we recovered from this we set off down south to visit Al (Craigs bro) and Amy and we took the kids to Paultons park. Now Paultons park was the place that got me through my maternity leave! Whilst I have worked with kids all my life both with Barnardos and as a Beaver Leader (more on this later) I found being at home with two little people very difficult so rather than get stressed at home I bought an annual pass to Paultons park and became a regular visitor in the months after Katie was born. For the northerners out there Paultons is the Alton Towers equivalent for 6 year olds! (more on that later) So going back to Paultons with two little people big enough to go on rides was great and we all had a fab day out.

So once back home I cleaned the house from the last party ready for the next one which was a hen party with some former work colleagues (you know who you are) Well what can I say but the weather was great, the alcohol was flowing and everyone took part willingly in every stupidly silly task that we set them and as you can imagine having started in the early afternoon we were flagging come midnight. But boy did we have fun!!!!

So as it has been one of those months we thought we would finish up with yet another party, this time D&D's wedding anniversary party. Once again we started early in the day and whilst I don't know what time it was...it was day light when we left. Oh boy I sound like a teenager!

And its only writing all of this that I also remembered we all went to Alton Towers on the 14th. Bizarrely this was a bit of a reunion as this is a trip we had every year with the lads I grew up with (in my teenage/early twenties) so it was great to catch up with Mick and Doey, unfortunately AJ couldn't make this one but I am sure we will do it again soon, even if I do now sit out of a couple of the rides its still a great day out with friends and family and more importantly for me a great way to catch up with Mick and Doey (~love you X)

So as you can see I've had a busy couple of weeks and this only tips the surface as I have also done the usual day to day things with Craig and the kids and enrolled Tom into Beavers (which I am also now helping with....you did all know that I used to be a beaver leader didn't you!)

As you can imagine we have things planned for most weekends coming up so will update you on our antics as and when I get chance to sit down, but be assured that I feel fine, I am having fun and (during the week)I am generaly around to catch up with you all via email, phone or in person (once I get my laptop back that it).

Anyway I think that is it for now but I will be in touch soon.

Take Care



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