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This is my blog, purpose is to update all my friends and family on how I am and what myself, the family and our friends have planned for the time I have left.

I will include updates on my treatments, how I am feeling and what we are planning as a family. I do have a lot planned so don't expect daily updates, hopefully this will give you some general information but I am happy to answer questions and all suggestions are welcome.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Holiday Season

Hello to everyone,

Well I am back in touch with the real world now that I have my laptop back. Its still not a 100% but it is working, lesson learned from this is that computers don't like wine. Now granted I did enjoy rather a lot of wine on Saturday night and don't remember a big chunk of the night but more of that later.

Health Update

Well as you know I have now finished my chemo and had both a brain and body scan two weeks ago and saw the Doc for the results last Wednesday. Now having been told in April 2010 that I had probably a year to live, could be more, could be less. I'd psyched myself up for the bad news and have been busily working on things for my kids and letters for my friends (back to pen and paper when you lack technology.)

Originally, as we were supposed to be having our doors done (more on this later) I was due to come to see Doc on my own but when door people didn't show, Craig was free to come with me which was great. Now I have to say my Doc is fantastic, very calm, collected and easy to talk to, but that said I do seem to turn into a blabbering idiot when I see him and tend to not be able to remember anything when I get out. So Craig being with me is great.

Anyway getting to the point, the Doc had good news for me and said the Chemo had been effective and had reduced the size of the tumours both in my breast and head, we then went on to discuss the next course of treatment for my menopause which has returned now the chemo has stopped. Now I came prepared to ask about what would happen at the end, would I be in pain would I go suddenly that type of thing, so I didn't really expect good news. So before you knew it I had gone from planning my funeral to planning more holidays....yippee.

So in a nut shell I am well, feel fine (albeit still a bit hungover) and thanks to my steroids being reduced I am finally starting to lose some weight. I thought at the weekend that I am probably the only person who has size 12,14,16 and 18 clothes in my wardrobe so as you can imagine I am looking forward to getting back to a normal weight but when I do, I'm not going to know what to wear. Ha Ha!

Holiday Season

Well school holidays are approaching with the kids only having 4 weeks left at school so having thought that I wouldnt see another summer with the kids I am now looking forward to getting out and about with the little people. We had Tom's sports day last week and I have to admit that when I watched him last year I had a little blub when I thought I wouldn't watch him again and would never see Katie in the races so this year was great.

We are now planning on going away somewhere, nothing booked yet but it will be great to get away, nightmare to get insurance, but fab to have a holiday in the sunshine, even if I am restricted to Europe.

Daily Life

So what else have we been up to? For some reason after christmas we planned lots of things to do and as a result we have had something on every weekend but July is bizarrely quiet, I know we will fill the weekends easily but we are back to planning more things to do, so if any of you have any suggestions or requests please say.

At home, now that Tom is 6, he has started in Beavers with me as a helper so for those of you that remember I have gone back to the world of scouting and to the world of being called "Big Beaver" "Mrs Beaver" Beaver Lady" which I know you will all have a giggle at.

And as indicated above we have very nearly got our doors sorted, windows went in without a hitch but we did kick off when they installed doors that are 1) difficult to open and 2) impossible to open from the outside. I don't think it is unreasonable to expect to be able to open and shut a door! Spending more time at home these days I do appreciate what a fantastic house we have, its great for parties, we have a big garden and big bedrooms and whats more....having life insurance means its all ours and living without a mortgage is fantastic, granted we have a lot of decorating to do but we are getting there bit by bit.

Lucy's Wedding

What can I say but what a fantastic day and Lucy looked amazing, we all had a great time and as I said earlier I am still recovering, which is a sign of a good "Do". Special thanks to Sarah for putting me to bed....there is a lot of the night I don't remember!!!!

The service was lovely, the bridesmaids looked gorgeous and the weather was fantasitic which meant sitting outside looking out over the hills was lovely, even if I got sunburnt! And finally the groom himself. Having known Lucy for a couple of years I feel like I know him even though I met him for the first time at the weekend and what can I say but he is great, gorgeous, good fun and besotted with Lucy. They make a fantastic couple and I wish them a happy future together.

So, back to reality, kids will be home from school soon so need to enjoy my last half an hour of peace and quiet but I will be in touch soon.

Have fun in the sunshine.


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