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Monday, 1 August 2011

HR - Looking after ourselves.

Hi all,

Most of you know me from my work in BAE Systems businesses as a HR person and yes I have spanned the country from Hillend to the Isle of Wight working in MBDA, AMS,Insyte and Military Aircraft. Whilst I have travelled about a bit I have pretty much always been in HR and when you move about this business you tend to build up a network of other HR people. Having a good network of people means that there is always someone to call on when you get stuck in a tricky situation and I have used my network over the years to ensure that I do the right thing and give a good service as this is how the business judges us.

The purpose of the HR focus of this message is to use my network to make sure that as HR people we all look after each other and in particular look after Sarah McBride.

Sarah was a HR Manager in Shared Services, Farnborough who for her sins used to sit opposite me in Frimley. Unfortunately in May last year she went to the loo and suffered a Cardiac Arrest and has been off work since.


The link above gives you more information but in a nutshell Sarah's family and friends are trying to raise the money needed to continue her care. Now having been involved in Charity Challenge in years gone by I know that the people in the BAE world are generous but this is not a registered charity this is about Sarah and her ongoing care. So me being the cheeky cow that I am, am asking all the HR bods out there who read my blog to spread the word to their HR colleagues and ask them to have a look at the link above.

It is likely that you will have seen Sarah at conferences and workshops over the years so join me in my pledge to ensure that as a function we always look after one another.

Thanks in advance


P.S. I will update you all on my activities in my next blog. X

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