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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wedding Party Anniversary

Hi all,

I hope you are all well and enjoying this good old british weather! Well today (day) and tomorrow (date) is our wedding party anniversary. Luckily for me, Craig remembers these sort of things so to mark the occasion we went back to Briars Hall for a lovely sunday lunch and managed to catch up with Paul and his team (Hi Paul).

For some reason (I really don't know why) the staff at Briars Hall all remember our Wedding Party! Now I thought as they have big "do's" every weekend we would be long forgotten about, but apparently our approach to a wedding party was a little different to normal so all the staff remember us. It must be the bouncy castles and rodeo bull! Ha Ha

So here we are a year on and looking forward to the school holidays and getting away for a holiday or two. As you all know me by now it will be no surprise that I have been organising stuff to do as usual so here goes the update for those who are interested.

Tuesday Fun Days.

Well being back up north means that Tom and Katie get to spend quality time with their cousins and we are lucky in that in our immediate family we have 7 little people of a similar age and rather than each of us face that dilemma of what shall we do to entertain little people we have got together and decided to get the kids together on Tuesdays and take it in turns to do something with our brood. Luckily, whilst the parents of this brood are all related, we are all very different so are going to play to our strengths and arrange some activities to entertain the brood.

In preparation for a summer of energetic kids and also to help me to lose some of that steroid induced weight I have finally made a decision on trampoline and this arrived this week. Unfortunately with the weather we haven't put this up yet but I am looking forward to (weather permitting) getting this up soon. That said, I do recognise that bouncing and big boobs don't go together so might have to strap my frups down!

Holiday Season

Well as I said in my last post, the doc has given me the go ahead to go on holiday so we are busily looking for our next trip with our little people, family and friends....so many decisions. I used to think the school holidays were a long time but now 6 weeks seems to go by so quick. Katie has already been for some introduction sessions with her new teacher ready to start school full time in September. It doesn't feel more than two minutes ago that she was still in nappies and now she is a proper little lady, with a clear opinion on what she will and wont do, wear, eat, play.....so like me its scary!

Adult Capers

As you have come to expect we have a number of things planned to amuse ourselves with Craig, Alan, Donna and Dave's birthdays over the summer holidays. Our next barge trip is planned for Dave's birthday and we are busily debating what the theme will be for our fancy dress. In addition to this we will also be attending a couple of weddings and may be having a night out in Southport (yes we have lots of parties but don't venture into Town often).

Well enough of all that, the apprentice is about to start so will leave it all there for now and will be back in touch soon.

Hug to you all - pass it on to your families

Love from


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