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Saturday, 19 November 2011

What I want for Christmas

Ironic I know but I have written 52 posts on this website as we approach the end of the year,(not written every week) so thought I would throw in another one and be cheeky.......me cheeky, yes nothing new there!


Well being honest this last couple of weeks have been rough but now I have started Chemo again I am feeling better.  I did expect to feel worse but so far so good.  I am however continuing to have problems with my eye sight which hinders everything.  It is likely to be the lumps in my head potting pressure on my eyes but I now don't feel safe walking the kids to school and find myself concentrating hard on the sort of things I used to take for granted.


Now as you know, in addition to this blog, writing for the cancer care charity and writing to my kids I have also been writing a book.  The purpose of this book was to give my children an in sight into the person I was, still am cos I haven't gone yet.  Now Craig is fantastic but he doesn't know what I was like as a kid, what I did at school or when I started as an apprentice and whilst we have been together 11 years he doesn't know what I was like at work.

I have written a lot about my early years, friends from primary and secondary schoolll, where me and Scot (my bro) used to play, starting work as an apprentice and getting involved in outward bound activities and arranging weekends aways for me and other apprentices.  I am only 37 but when I started writing I remembered that there are loads of things that I have done that I think my kids would 1) like to know and 2) would probably learn from so writing this down feels good for me.

Now as you can imagine it is only my years of working on the computer that enables me to do this blog today as I cannot see what I'm writing (so excuse the typos) so with this in mind I thought I would be cheeky and ask you all to send me a Christmas present.

The people who read this blog range from school through to my various work places so you are all in a good place to help.  Asking for presents is cheeky but this one only costs you time and should help you think about what you have done and how you would like to known and remembered by your friends and family so here goes.....

I want your help with my book.  I'm not asking you to type for me, but to have a think and write something that I could include in my book.  This doesn't have to say anything about you if you don't want it to, and it doesn't have to be long but I would like to fill in some of the gaps before I go and feel you can help with this.

Now as I said I have already written about my earlier years but have not written anything about work other than my being an apprentice and nothing about some of the things me and my friends did beyond my teenage years, so this is where I need your help.  I am not asking you to be creative, flamboyant or humorous more to take 10 minutes to think about what you would say to my kids if you bumped into them in 10 years time.  What would you remember about me........and this doesn't mean get soppy about how wonderful I am more describe the things you remember me doing now and when I knew you.

I appreciate some of you wont have the time or the inclination but would ask those of you who do to have a think and make some notes for my book that you can either post or email for me to include.  These could include things like where we met, what I was doing at that time, things you remember like the quiz nights at Lostock, hitting the town in Bolton, days our in Blackpool, going to the pub after work in Stevenage, travelling to Cowes on the ferryy, arguing with employees and going to family occasions.  Anything and everything.

So there you go in my head if you don't ask you don't get....so I;m asking.  It you can help my kids to learn about and remember their mum I will owe you forever and promise to look after you from beyond when I'm gone....I don't really believe in that but my Nanna Perkin used to.

In the mean time have fun on the run up to Christmas, its party time and shopping time and some of you will be getting some time off.....others will be cooking Ha Ha.

Thanks in advance


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