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This is my blog, purpose is to update all my friends and family on how I am and what myself, the family and our friends have planned for the time I have left.

I will include updates on my treatments, how I am feeling and what we are planning as a family. I do have a lot planned so don't expect daily updates, hopefully this will give you some general information but I am happy to answer questions and all suggestions are welcome.


Sunday, 13 November 2011

Thinking about others?

Are you in work today?
Do you think you are good at work?
Have you been to the loo yet?
If something happened to you in the loo when you were at work would anyone notice?
What would your family do if you became ill?
What if you needed looking after?  Who would look after you? 
Who would pay for it?

For once I am not talking about me but Sarah who I used to work with.  If you could answer any of these questions with a yes you might want to think about what your family and friends would do if what happened to Sarah happened to you........?

Sarahs family have been amazing but they still need help so if you have time to read this then you have time to read about Sarah so go and have a look at her website (see below) and as Christmas approaches consider whether a present £ would be appropriate.

www.sarahs-story.com or look for "Sarahs-story" on facebook.


So now back to me, I am still here and going strong.  I'm having probelms with my eye sight but other than this  and some headaches I am fine and I am pleased to tell you that thanks to my fab doctor I will be starting the next stage of Chemo tomorrow.

What have we been doing?

Well as usual we have been busy and I am making the most of the next 10 minutes as Craig goes to get the kids from Nanny's who babysat last night because once again we had a house full.  I have to say I had a fantastic time this weekend with some of Craig's friends and their partners.  I say Craig's friends but us girls are friends too so whilst the boys played golf I took the girls from Southampton out to Southport and was sad to say goodbye an hour ago as we all had a lot of fun this weekend.

Last weekend we also had a fantastic time at Alton Towers.  Yes I have been lots before but for some reason I really enjoyed this trip.  Reminiscing about our past trips when we were young apprentices 20 years ago and even when I went on the explorer after the HR conference a couple of years ago......getting on rides with your boss can be interesting......ha ha

Coming up?

Well as usual we have lots planned with Weddings, visitors and two Christmas do's and of course New Year in style and yes we have even started to plan my birthday for the end of January where we are once again going to repeat what we used to do on my birthday......those of you who generally come will remember what this  is so let me know if you are up for the trip out to our old stomping ground and start saving for the B&B as we didn't go last year,

In addition to all this I've also been working on my writings, this blog, my books and have recently been doing small articles for breast cancer care website as those of you who know me, will know that I always have something to say.  I have put links to these on facebook if any of you are interested but remember Christmas is round the corner so you need to start thinking about your friends and family.

Well I will be back in touch again soon but it has been great getting back in touch with those of you I haven't seen for a while and fantastic to keep in touch with those of you we see all the time.  You know where I am if you have time on your hands so call, email or pop round when you want to catch up.

I will be back in touch soon.


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