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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Wedding Plans Confirmed.

Well after a busy couple of days the wedding plans are now confirmed. 

Craig and I are officially getting married at the Ormskirk registry office this coming Friday.  Yes this coming friday.

This is the legal bit, will take about 15 mins and allows us to move on to the more important things, like sorting out passports, pension, life insurance etc.  As you can imagine being very short notice this will be a low key thing  - the REAL WEDDING (in my eyes at least) is as follows.

Sunday 18th July at the Briars Hall Hotel.  I know this is a Sunday but we had no chance of getting a Saturday at short notice.  We are intending to start early afternoon and go on to the early hours.  Those of you who really need to go to work the next day can finish at a sensible time and retire for the night, everyone else should think about booking the next day off.  Get in there quick.  I will be looking to coordinate some of the travel arrangements for those travelling from "down south" but understand some of you may want to sort yourselves out.

We have booked the entire hotel and will be the only ones there, this includes the 24 rooms which we will be allocated (you will need a passpword) so don't try booking to get in quick.  We have a list of other hotels and B&B's in the area which I will also send out.

Theme for the wedding is about as non wedding as you can get.  Think more carnival.  There will be entertainment throughout the afternoon for little people and big kids alike, this will include making the most of the outdoors - so be warned. 

The evening is fancy dress - so get your thinking caps (or wigs) on now to think about what you may want to wear.  We have considered themes but so long as you are comfortable wear what you like.  There will be areas to change at the hotel and some of the entertainment may be outside so come prepared.  There will be a separate room for the more sensible guests so don't be fazed if you are not up for fun and games we will be catering for all types.  Just thing Craig in one half playing and me in the other talking.

Invites, with details of all of the above will come out soon but wanted to give you a heads up so that you can get the date in your diaries.  It is the last week of school term so those of you with little people should be ok.

Still lots to organise but at least we now have it booked and can start planning....I will also get to do my wedding list which I am very excited about.  John Lewis here I come...

More details and formal invites to follow in due course but wanted to get the date in your diaries.

Toni and Craig

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