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Thursday, 20 May 2010

18th May - The simple things in life

Hello all,

Sorry I haven't been in touch for a while but I am finding this simple life very busy. 

One of the side effects of my illness is epilepsy, this is controlled by medication so isn't a problem however it does mean that I am not supposed to go anywhere on my own....just in case.

This means that I am not allowed to drive and shouldn't really go anywhere on my own, which for someone very independant is quite a struggle.  I've always been able to come and go as I please and nip out at the drop of a hat as needed so being dependant on others is a difficult, not least shopping with other people which I am really not used to.

Anyway my daily routine now includes walking Katie to school which is only. 1.3 miles (so Craig tells me) so is good exercise for me and seeing as it is walk to school week, also good for Katie who is getting lots of ticks.

Our walk to work invloves crossing and walking down a very busy road and it is only when you walk you notice how ignorant drivers are, how fast they drive and generally just how oblivious they can be to other people.  (as a former driver I would recognise this).  Well whilst I have spent the last couple of weeks grumbling about this I was quite greatful this week as I had one of those embarrassing knicker incidents...yes another one.  (will explain the other one in a mo)

Anyway seeing as I have put on weight the current fashion of "stretchy leggings" is great for me but walking down a main road with clothes that have a tendancy to slip is not good.  You are faced with the dilemma of do I ignore and wait til I get home after all don't want people laughing at me, or do I say "sod it" and just hitch them up and hope I don't cause a crash. As you can imagine I am more of, what the hell person so did just hitch and keep walking but it did remind me of the embarrassing incident I had at work which I thought I would share with you to give you a laugh.

The knicker incident...

Elaine and Lorraine will remember this well as it caused them a great deal of amusement.

Anyway I was working on the Health stuff and had James and Colin from Hewitts in, I think this was our first formal meeting so I was trying to be at my professional best.  The meeting was in W140 opposite Malcoms office so when they arrived I went to reception to collect them.  On the way back, as I am giving them a little info on the site, the elastic in my knickers went completely.  Luckily I was wearing trousers so they didn't fall off but they did slide down my leg and bunched up very obviously around my thighs.  Now walking and talking normally when this happens is difficult so I discretely tried to shuffle them back up to where they should be until we got to the meeting room.

When we got to the room I did the whole "I be right back" thing and went into Lorraine and Elaines office in search of help.  Being pushed for time I opted to staple my knickers to the waist band of my trousers but in doing this had to explain to the girls what had happened....which as you can imagine caused much, much laughing.  Now remember I was on my best behaviour "professional in front of the visitors" so the raucous laughing from the next room wasn't the impression I was going for and as you know, trying not to laugh is very difficult, particularly when Lorraine brought the coffees in with that knowing smile on her face.  As you can imagine I was very pleased to see the meeting end so that I could sort myself out and I don't think they noticed anything un towards apart from the laughing so all ended well.  Apart from quite a bit of personal embarrassment which I have now shared with you all..

At least that incident distracted everyone from the "Dora the Explorer" quips, well at least for a little while.

Catch up soon.



  1. Had a similar experience with a "hold up" stocking whilst walking across the shop floor once!

    Cat XX

  2. I'd forgotten all about that Toni! Funny how all the REALLY embarrassing things seem to happen to us girls! I had a bit of an 'experience' with a chair in channel way and the unexpected (and very significant) arrival of my period - thanks to Christina for rescuing me!
    Great to read your blog and keep up with all your news...Elaine x

  3. Oh Toni, you have made me laugh and cheered my up tonight. Good to catch up with what you are up to on here. Missing you x J


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