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Saturday, 1 May 2010

The Day/days before the big event 28/4

Apologies for being quiet the last couple of days but arranging a wedding in a week leaves you with a lot to do...hence doing this update in 2 installments.

So first the days before the big event.

Initially plans for the wedding started with a "quick and dirty" paperwork wedding at the registry office to which we intended to invite only the witnesses and spend as little time as possible in Ormskirk.  We were even going to leave the kids in school.....then thought I really should invite my parents and maybe my brother, by which time word had spread around Craigs family and everyone was planning to take the day off work and then we had somewhere between 40 to 50 people.

This changed the scope a little bit and meant we had to do things like clean the house (proper cleaning....not just picking the toys up) and get some food in which meant Craig and I spent the last two days doing all these type of jobs with a little help from my new mother in law - thanks Barbara.

I could say this was all planned but for me doing jobs got me away from thinking what I was going to look like getting married (now that people would be watching),  when being very frank I am bald and have put on a lot of weight. (Steroids make you eat a lot!)  so whilst I continued not to think about all these people looking at me I did house work and cleaned for england which Craig will tell you is not like me at all.

My most panicky moment was on the phones to Jules on Wednesday night which she talked about driving up tomorrow.  This was the point I realised that being at work gives you structure as I was convinced it was Tuesday and thought I still had two days to panic about doing all the girly pampering stuff (which honestly doesn't come naturally to me....never been a particularly girly girl).

So having realised that I only have a day left I had a mild panic and started to tick things off my job list like washing the barbeque at 10 oclock at night.  (yes more lists) just to enable me to sleep rather than think through everything I had to do.  Luckily after a minor melt down I calmed down ~(helped by Craig) and decided what will be will be.

The football was on and Craigs little (6ft +) brother was on his way up so this gave me time to escape upstairs and think about the next day.  Having found a dress which I could just about squeeze into and got the shoes and jewellry I had to face the bald head dilema.....

Now whilst I am kind of liking my bald head the thought of seeing myself bald on photos was something I wasn't quite ready for.  Craigs Aunty Jan brought round a wig from a friend to try and whilst i really appreciate the thought putting it on made me feel like I should read the news, picture me with short blond hair... I just wasn't ready for that.

Now having had quite a playful past both Donna and Jules had reminded me of the wigs we used to dress up in and this prompted us raiding the loft for the wigs we wore when Craig and I met in Aya Napa 10 years ago.  Whilst it did go quite well with the dress I still wasn't sure about turning up in a wig.  This isn't the dilemma I was expecting to have on the eve of my wedding.

So now for the day itself...

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