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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Wedding Day Part 1 30/4

If you have read the previous post you will know that I was getting a little bit stressed the day before but bizarrely on the day itself I woke up strangely calm.

Craig had to do a run to tesco for bread so Katie and myself got ready together, whilst getting ready with a 3 year old is always difficult Katie loves dressing up so luckily this wasn't too bad.  In fact what I didn't expect is that I would be dressed and ready (decided on the hat) before anyone arrived so stood (couldn't sit in the dress) in the kitchen reading and having a brew with my mum.

The "Do" itself went fine and I am sure when I work out how to attach pics and videos and stuff to this blog I will attach the video my brother took.  Having little people who want to join in everything meant Tom and Katie sat at the front with us, turning round to entertain the crowd at every opportunity.  The highlight was when the registrar asked if there were any objections and Joel (aged 4) complained that the lolly he had was getting too small.  Luckily this didn't stop proceedings too much and for me helped to lighten the mood, didn't want to start blubbing and spoil my make up.  Thanks Joel - love you little man

So once the formal bit was over we headed home for lots of fun and frolics.  Those of you with access to facebook should see a variety of photos popping up for what became the dry run for main event in July.  As predicted Craig was centre stage singing and dancing with my two little people joining in, whilst I miggled and chatted with people.

Having started the party at lunch time we did well to keep it flowing for a good 12 hours before we started to flag so be warned those coming to the main event will need to save their energy.

Thanks to all of you who came and in particular to all the little people who behaved so fantastically throughout the day.  Special thanks go to those who brought food and helped out with particular reference to Leanne for the flowers (Buds by Leanne - Adlington to those of you getting wed soon), To Ian for turning up at the wrong registry office but coming to see us later, to Nanny for taking the kids when things got boisterous and to those who travelled all the way from "Down South" again, I appreciate it.  The rest of you just thanks for being you and having fun.

Now start thinking about your fancy dress outfits.

Love Toni and Craig Sargent.

Going to have to get used to that...I'm officially Toni Sargent now.

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