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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

What A Great Day

Hi all,

Its hard to know where to start, and I will apologise in advance if any of this doesn't make sense but think I am still a bit tipsy having only gone to bed at 4 ish...It was a long day.

Well for those who weren't there I will give you a bit of a run down of the day, photos will be going on a website which I will give you link to later in the week.

Firstly we were fantastically lucky with the weather, although it did rain all morning the rain stopped just as our guests arrived and started again just as we all moved back in doors...and I don't think it has stopped since. So thanks to you all for praying for good weather cos it worked - I even managed to get my shoulders sun burnt.

The day itself started with our "Carnival Fun" which was a wide array of bouncy castles and some competitions. Everyone joined in, both big and little kids, and by the sounds of it had a whale of a time with only a couple of injuries, Craig is battered and bruised and I'm guessing quite a few others will be a bit sore this morning.

Next on the agenda was dinner which seemed to go down well...well there wasn't much left anyway. Just in time for everyone to get changed into their fancy dress costumes. Outfits were wide and varied and thanks to you all for putting so much effort it you all looked fantastic. again photos will show it all.

Once everyone was settled Craig kicked off the evening activities which included D.O.F.H.T (Do our friends have talent) During the day Craig had collected names for Karaoke and on stage he introduced the panel. Thank you to the panelists for taking part I know you had no idea Craig was going to do this to you but you were all fantastic. Sean Bridle (Pierce Morgan) Lucy Eccles (Amanda Holden) and Ian Diamond as Simon Cowell.

Once we had a panel in place the competition began and those who put the name down for Karaoke were called on stage. There was a lot of audience participation and some very good performances. Standout act for me was Phil Reynolds (I didn't know he could sing like that) with the joint winners being Gordy and Teresa who were both very happy with their prizes.

......I was so knackered yesterday (Monday) that I went to bed before completing this post so its now Tuesday and I am bit more with it. I was so tired I couldn't string a sentance together let alone spell.....so to continue.

The talent contest led to the disco which saw us dancing to a few old classics and before you know it - it was time to clear up and stop disturbing the neighbours with our loud music...but this was not the end for us as about 16 of the "die hards" (which included my Aunt Velda who is in her 70's) moved to the bar and carried on drinking until the very early hours.

Craig amazingly was up at 7 packing up gazebos whilst I got up at 9 to say good bye to people. Thanks to you all for telling me how rough I looked...

As I said its now Tuesday and we have just about recovered, but are both apsolutely shattered. We can't stop talking about how fantastic the party was, the kids were all well behaved and everyone joined in our antics both inside and outside.

We will be asking you all to send us your favourite photos so that we can put together a book of the day. The photos of the photobooth are brilliant so if you have any other shots you would like to share please send them through. Mark the photographer will be sending through his photos later this week and I will share them with you all.

Take care and thanks for everything.....John Lewis gifts arrive on Thursday so I will send my thanks to you all for your gifts later in the week.

Keep smiling despite the rain.

Toni and Craig

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it Toni.......we had a fabulous time what a great day. Have a well deserved rest & no doubt we'll catch up very soon Sarah & Faith xx


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