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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Christmas is coming

Hi all,

How are you all? Thanks to those of you who keep in touch and visit, time flies by and once again we have lots planned.

Health wise, I feel fine, still on meds but in the swing of it so coping with the odd days (queasy spells, headaches etc) other than this the worst of it is the hot and cold sweats from the menopause.

Well enough of all that....more importantly is what we have been up to. We have had a quiet half term as we are shortly heading off to disney land which will be great - adults more excited than the kids but that is only because the kids don't know what it is. According to Tom this is the place where Mickey Mouse is in charge or in Katies case - Minnie Mouse. So as you can see we are all looking forward to the trip.

At the start of everything I was gutted not to be able to drive but the perk of this now is that I have pretty much every weekend booked up with visitors and lately have been getting in touch with some very old friends (the friends are not old...just friends from a while ago - primary and secondary school which makes me feel old....) any way what I am trying to say is I am really enjoying and appreciating getting in touch with these people as they are reminding me of the person that I used to be.

In saying that I am not saying I am a different person more that we all have chapters of our lives which tend not to merge - primary, big school, life as a teenage who feels old but is still a kid, starting out at work, spreading your wings, playing and misbehaving, settling down, family adventures. Everyones life goes through these or similar chapters but its rare to take the time to look back on them.

Being in the situation I am in I now have the time to look back on my life and get in touch with the people who were part of these chapters and look at where we are now. I feel very lucky to have them in my life and find that time has not changed our relationships.

All other things in the Sargent household are good but the highlight of the week was shopping with Katie on Tuesday, she may be only 3 but she is born to shop. Has a clear opinion as to what she likes and dislikes, loves browsing, stopping for a bit of lunch and making sure she says hi to everyone we pass. ~Shopping with Katie is hilarious and despite being laden down with bags she wanted to get the bus home....now there are loads of busses in Southport but I had no idea where to go so we went to the "bus office" and the poor woman in there was practically interviewed by Katie, once we found the right stop Katie sat herself between a couple of old dears and told everyone in the bus stop who she was and what she had been doing, where she was going on holiday - yabber yabber. The bus trip itself was amusing as from the back of the bus Katie kept asking the driver (by shouting down the bus) why he wasn't driving (other traffic). I don't think she took a breath from talking all the way back and once again had everyone smiling and talking to each other. Being out with her is hilarious and I love her so much bless her.

Any way xfactor is kicking off so I am going to go now but keep in touch and enjoy the run up to christmas.



  1. Hi Toni

    Great to read your news. Beginning to think work/life balance too preferential to work - how did you manage to fit it all in when BAe made demands?!

    Nimrod has ceased to be! Trying to understand whether the EH&WB has any future roles defined yet! But have booked a Penna session for next week - CV is 19 years old!!!!

    Tom and Katie will love Disney - and so will you! I wasn't over keen on the concept before we went, but threw myself into it totally and had more fun than you can justify in the real world!!!

    Give Mickey and Minnie a kiss from me!

    Take care


  2. Love ur update as always Toni they are always such an entertaining read, u have me in stitches. Looking forward to sharing all the goss this weekend xx

    Sarah (Hill)x

  3. Ta for the update, u showing off with your new phone yet!?. How was Disney trip ?. Spk soon. Graeme


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