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Friday, 1 October 2010

Loving Retirement.

Hi all,

Well I can't believe summer is over already and we are already making plans for christmas - where has this year gone?

I can't quite believe how time flies by when you don't have the routine of work. Granted the kids are at school every day but still the week goes by really quickly and we generally have something on every weekend so despite 1) neither of us working and 2) us living across the road from tesco 3) passing tesco on the school run 3 times a day - we can sometimes find ourselves with out food because we haven't had time (or maybe the inclination) to go shopping. I really don't know where the time goes.

As it is now the 1st of October and I haven't said much of anything this last month I thought I should update you all on what we have been up to in the Sargent Household.

First the medical stuff:

I had my 6 monthly scan last week and got the results back this week so will try to sum these up for you. Most people with my type of cancer tend to go through a rigorous dose of herceptin (infusion) every three weeks alongside chemotheraphy which makes you feel ill. Given I had lots of blobs on the brain and limited life expectancy I wanted to spend the summer with the kids and not throwing up in bed so my doc took a punt and put me on just herceptin (not been done before). So we were all a bit unsure as to what my 6 month scan would reveal.

So last week I went into hospital to have a full scan - toes to neck (no head scan at the moment) Purpose of the scan is to understand the extent of the cancer which as you know has a tendancy to spread so I was warned that even though I was feeling reasonably well the scan could indicate further proplems so I was a bit nervous about going in.

Anyway - cut a long story short all is good. There has been a reduction in the size of my breast lump from 3.2 to 2.1, my lung function hasn't changed, I have no new liver, lung or abdomen lesions and in a nut shell no new things to worry about. My nurse was very excited about this and even said I might like to venture out on my own once in a while (having been on a do not leave this person alone watch basis) so as you can imagine I was very pleased about this.

So to other stuff,

Tom has started a new year in school and having been very nervous over the summer seams to be settling in well. Katie as always runs the show at nursery and is bossing around any and all visitors whilst at home. Half term is fast approaching so we are planning for that and then will need to decide what we do for christmas.

Its nice to have a "BAE" pension and I am glad my mum convinced me to join very early as my monthly income (if you include all my new benefits) isn't much less than what I earned when I worked for a living so all in all we are very lucky and able to spend time and energy working on the house and garden...thanks to all our willing helpers (especially grandad John who can turn his hand to anything).

Its nice spending time at home and Craig is being very patient with me ( I am very messy), Katie is a constant form of amusement and we are currently playing a lot of "guess who" and yahtzee - both of which she really shouldn't be able to play so competently at 3 years old but what can I say...sometime she lets me win.

Anyway I will try to keep in touch more frequently but thanks again to those of you who do keep in touch and come round to visit it is always great to see you.



  1. great news about the scan toni. see you after my exam ...

  2. Hi Toni

    Really great news about the scan and the permission to have a bit of independence!!!

    Sounds like you will be making all your own mince pies/sausage rolls and Christmas cards this year!

    Have fun


  3. Hi Toni,

    I know you posted this on 1st October and it is now 19th, no excuse really other than to say I know exactly what you mean about not knowing where time goes...!! It is such good news about the scan, am really pleased for you - you are clearly one tough cookie!!

    Am also loving the fact that Katie is playing Guess Who at three years old... Amy is now two and I have been waiting for someone to play Guess Who with since I was about 7 so I hope that I won't have to wait much longer!!! I am also with you on the "messy" front - I too am a very messy person, I had to take the afternoon off work this afternoon to tidy up - I don't know how my husband puts up with me either!!

    Take care

    Anne xxx


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