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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I Can See!!!!

Hi all,

Well I know its only been a couple of days since my last post, but I wanted to tell you how fantastic it is to be able to see......Its amazing!!!!

I was really down last week thinking that the problems with my sight were a sign of more activity in my head and that I would be going blind.  Given that I am currently writing my book, making things for the kids and sorting photos out, the thought of not being able to see was horrendous.

As I said in my last post when I saw the doc last week, my vision was affecting my balance and I had blinding headaches. Well wahoo!!!! I'm sorted.  I went to specsavers on Friday and saw "Charles" (Great bloke) who confirmed that I couldn't see through my glasses because my eye sight had improved...not what I expected, I thought it had got worse.  He did all the tests and arranged for me to go to the hospital on Monday (yesterday).  Here I saw another great bloke (can't remember his name) who indicated that my eye sight could be improving as a result of the steroids I am on and as I already have scans arranged for Friday we will wait and see what they say.

Initially I thought I would have a couple more weeks of blurred vision but when I rang Craig, he told me to go to specsavers and get my lenses changed as there is no point not being able to see or wearing glasses that make me feel dizzy.  Obvious I know, but I didn't think of this at the time so as he suggested I walked into town back to Specsavers and got my glasses lenses and contact lenses changed.  Specsavers were excellent doing all this for me immediately.  Having had an appointment at the hospital at 10am I had new lenses and glasses by 1pm and being able to see was fantastic! 

Now I know that my sight may change again, but I have my scans on Friday so will know more after that.  The important thing for me though is that I can see now, the headaches have gone, the steroids are working and I feel ready and able to face anything that shows up on my next scans.  I was so so happy yesterday it was untrue and it was all because I could see...something so simple that we all take for granted.

I am heading over to Warton tomorrow so will be in the Birley Arms 12.30 ish if any of you want to pop over for lunch. 

Also....now that I can see I have reformatted my blog and added some pictures, more may follow but ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Have a good day all.


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  1. I love love love your photos you are such a fun filled family! great news on about your eye sight :) keep strong xxx


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