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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Still going strong!

Howdy everyone.

First things first "apologies" to you all as I did tell you that I was having a scan the other week but I didn't explain that I wouldn't get the results until I saw the doctor this week (today).  Thanks to all of you for checking up on me I have been quite surprised at how many people have been calling and texting me and pleased to see that this blog is working and that you are all following my progress and antics.

Health update

Well as I said in my last post I have been feeling a bit funny of late, especially with my eye sight improving and making me dizzy and me feeling a little bit off kilter so going for the scan was good for me as I knew that it would give me answers.

As most of you are aware I first found the breast cancer lump in March 2010 and merely a week later found out that the cancer had already spread to my brain and was therefore officially classed as "terminal".  This was a bit of a shock but luckily we adjusted very well and actively planned to be around for a limited time so we got married had a big party, lots of holidays and trips out....thanks to my pension (so glad my mum convinced me to start my pension at 19!).  With the initial verdict I full expected to not be here much past Christmas so being here in October 2011 actively planning for my next Christmas is amazing for me.

Well I saw the doctor today, (my doc is fab, so easy to talk to, which is great.)  I knew things were changing so I wasn't surprised to be told that the cancer in my brain was spreading, (not more blobs but the blobs which had shrunk when I had the chemo, getting bigger) and putting a bit more pressure on my head and making me feel a bit odd.  This wasn't a surprise as I had been feeling a bit odd but it was great to talk to the doc and understand why I had been feeling different and more importantly to talk about a new round of chemo as my next treatment.

So in a nutshell, I am feeling odd and woozy as the blobs in my head are changing, but I've had a scan and will be having treatment to tackle this so will be back so some degree of normality soon.....well as normal as I can be.  So its good news and I am happy with what my doc is doing even if I continue to feel a bit odd we still have lots more to do and more things to think about doing.  Wahoo!!!!

Plans coming up

So with the health stuff being well managed its back to our usual antics....

We had a great night last weekend at Gemma and Dave's wedding.  The weather was glorious, I never expected the weather to be better in October than June! The reception was at the new Ramada hotel on the front in southport which was great, especially seeing all the family together.  Holly did a fantastic cake once again so if any of you are ever looking for a cake check out "Cakes by Holly" on facebook.

Weekend just gone I went to see Erasure in concert with Clare which was fantastic.  We were having a good sing and dance and talking about past concerts and I found it a bit scary when we worked out that we first saw Erasure in concert 20+ years ago.  That was a shock....I didn't really feel old enough to have done anything that long ago and Andy Bell looked amazing considering he had been doing this for such a long time.  More importantly it was amazing seeing Clare and being out with her again after such a long time.....god we used to have some amazing times.  I did have a laugh telling Clare about Laura (Castelli) as when I worked with Laura in Warton I realised she went to school with the boys me and Clare used to babysit for....this made us feel old, especially as Laura has just had a gorgeous baby boy of her own!!! Boy I I could be a grandma! Congrats Laura, love and cuddles to your hubby and your new little man we will catch up when you are back over in Aggy to see granny.

Also this weekend Iz and Jane came up to see me which was really great.  We were sat in my kitchen in the same positions we used to sit at Frimley we were just missing having Liz with us (she is now in Australia), whilst it has been a while since we worked together it was good to catch up on some of the things we remembered and a special thanks for Iz for recruiting me back into the BAE world after I left to work in London in 2000/1 and giving me a good reference when I moved up north.  We did have a good chat about Sarah Warner (McBride) which I will remind all you HR bods about.  Christmas is coming so next time you are at work think about what happened to Sarah (If you can't remember see my blog dated 1st Aug) Sarah was a capable HR Manager just like you who like me had worked in a variety of sites and businesses across BAE and one day went to the loo at Farnborough and had some sort of fit - reaction that put her life under serious threat, she is still young, gorgeous and newly married but very poorly and needs your help, she is recovering thanks to her amazing husband and family but still has a long way to go so put your hand in your pocket and give her some money for Christmas they need it.

What next?

Well as always we have lots more planned with Halloween parties (for the kids) and another trip to Alton Towers as well as more work to the house (Craig has done a cracking job with the playroom for those of you who stop over regularly)  I am also going back into Warton on the 4th November, giving you more notice this time so we can meet up, we will be at reception late morning and heading over to the Birley for lunch so an open invitation seeing as you finish at lunch time on a Friday...or are at least supposed to...come over for a catch up.

Lots of love as always


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