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Friday, 7 October 2011

Turkey...for holidays and christmas

Hi all,

Well we are back home after a fantastic holiday in Turkey.  Place we went to was called Cornelia De Luxe in Antalaya and I have to say was amazing.  When I get a moment I am going to have a look at how I put some photos on this blog but in the mean time if any of you are planning a holiday for next year I would recommend this place as it was one of the best places I have ever been.

As this was my last holiday we did splash out and go all inclusive and get a big room with a spar bath, shower, living area and doors directly onto the pool.  I am now a full convert to all inclusive and this being a golf resort meant that most people were out playing golf so even though I only got up after 10am we still got great loungers by the pool.  (With help from Dave)  There was entertainment throughout the day with darts, slides, volley ball, water polo and a load of things to keep Craig amused whilst I did some embroidery whilst listening to books on my iphone and soaking up the sun.

As you can imagine we had a fantastic time with D&D and met loads of great people that we are going to try to stay in touch with on facebook so as what is likely to have been my last trip abroad I had an amazing holiday even if I did feel a bit odd before, during and after.

Health stuff

So update on the health front.  First things first was the problems I had before we went.  Having been down at Al and Amy's I had a busy weekend and started to feel a bit rough when we got home, I increased my steroids but was still worried that the headaches were a sign of things changing in my head.  With this in mind I had that dreaded conversation with Craig when I broached the subject of us possibly not going on our holiday thanks to my feeling rough.  As it was the weekend I couldn't see the doc but I rang the hospital and got a saturday night out of hours appointment and agreed with the doc to increase my drugs and go on holiday.  (Great service from the NHS)

Luckily, I responded well to the increase in drugs and felt normal most of the holiday (well would say 80%), my balance was off kilter and I had headaches and struggled to stomach much alcohol but we all still managed to have a fantastic time.  Having got back on Tuesday I went into hospital on Wednesday for my drugs and was lucky enough to see the doc so have a scan booked and another meeting with the doc after that.

The bizarre thing I've had since coming home is problems with my eyes.  At first I thought I had a contact lense stuck in but no, so when I saw the doc I told him my vision was off and as I said above he has arranged for some scans.

With Craig feeling a bit ropey today I did the school run and decided (having put on a bit of weight on holiday) to walk into town.  Yes I am very proud to say I've walked six miles tolday even though I know I am going to suffer for it tomorrow but I think my new form of exercice will be walking into town once a week.  Anyway back to the point....as I had walked into town I called into specsavers and managed to get an appointment for lunch time.  The optometrist put me through a huge range of tests and found out that my eye sight has improved.  Yes improved...not what I expected, but this explains why wearing my glasses gives me blurred vision and made me a bit dizzy on holiday.  From what he said there may be something behind my eyes which is causing this so he has booked me in the hospital for Monday morning so will hopefully sort out then whether I have more lumps or need new glasses.  I do feel lucky that my doc and eye guy both responded quickly so will hopeully know more soon but for the time being my vision is odd...but at least I know its my eyes now  - not my seeing blurry things.  I really never anticipated my eye sight improving with all this cancer stuff.

So in a nutshell I am noticing more things with this damn cancer but I am lucky enough to have excellent medical support and will have more info soon.  On the whole (sight aside) I feel fine and I am looking forward to doing more walking, if weather stays reasonable.  As always we have lots planned aside from a quiet weekend this weekend so I am looking forward to seeing lots of people and getting out and about.  And most importantly of all having been away for two weeks I am enjoying spending time with Tom and Katie who are both amazing so a special thanks to Nanny and John for looking after them "you are both great".

With the kids both being in school full time now I am planning a trip up to Warton at somepoint, not sure when but in the next week or so....so let me know if any of you want to catch up.

Catch up again soon.


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