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Thursday, 28 June 2012

July our Wedding Party Anniversary

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the delay updating you all this month but I have been having IT proplems and had to reset my phone, email and logins.  This all stems from my fiddling with my phone, getting distracted and changing my passwords, then miss spelling my password resets. Which then meant that even though I thohught I knew my passwordd I couldnt access my files including this blog.   D'oh   one of those incredibly frustrating things.

Well I am back online and as you would have come to expect we have been doing lots and have lots more planned.


First the serious stuff. I finished my last dose of Chemo by tablet, a combination of 22 pills a day, at the end of May.  Once this course of treatment had finished I needed to flush out from one course of treatment and start my next course, which I now have now started.  As you would expect, having originally been told I had a year to live I have been on a lot of drugs which include radiotherapy, herceptin and chemotherapy.  These drugs have kept me going a lot longer than expected but are now affecting my health in more noticable ways.

The main thing at the moment is the loss of muscle in my legs, initially I fell over a lot, and got lots of bruises, I was convinced this would get better but it is clear now that this wont.  So the kids have lost their playroom as this is now my bedroom downstairs. I am fully set up with bed, wardrobe and  cupboards and now have a wheelchair, two walking aids and a walking stick.  I am on the second week of my latest dose of treatment which is chemotherapy based and having had these drugs yesterday, I know that I will get used to the impact on me physically so dont worry I'm not going anywhere yet.

The final thing is my eye sight. Ive always worn glassess or lenses but the tumours in my brain improved my eye sight to the point where I havent worn glasses for 6 months, but its changing again now, so I will be back in to get some new glasses next week.  Whilst talking about the way I look, I can't not mention my wig.  It is one of the best things to come out of this, having spent years washing, drying and straightening my hair, having pick up and put on "hair" is great.  Everyone has tried it on so there are lots of photos of me bald and others wearing my wig but to those who dont know, it looks fantastic.  Last month I was at the till in Boots when the girl on the till asked me about where I had it coloured.  In my usual blunt style I stood in front of her and lifted it up and said "I don't, its a wig!"  The look on her face was priceless Ha! Ha!

So on to the more interesting stuff now.


I started writing my book last year as an insight into the things I did when I was young that I could leave for my kids to read.  Once i started I couldnt stop and when my eyesight shifted at the end of last year I asked you for your memories so the scope grew.  Whilst sorting out my parents house move I spent some time in Adlington and had a "Reunion" with those me and Scot used to play with as kids (Debbie, Chris, Susan, Sharon and Matt).  This was great, we reminised to all the things we used to do and games we used to play and had a great night, so are planning another get together after the holiday season.

Well this brings me on to the reunion of the Lostock Apprenticces in the 1990s.  Having found lots of photographs of the things we did Ive arranged a get together at Middlebrook on the 7th July from 2pm. We havent seen each other for years but there are lots of memories to share, so thats my idea of a good afternoon.  I will let you all know how it goes on my next update.

Well if your reading this blog it is very likely you were at our Wedding Party in 2010. Craig and I have been together for twelve years and always intended to get married at some point, but the cancer diagnosis, gave us the kick to get legal and we had a Registry Office wedding at the end of April.  Now those of you who know us, know we like to have fun and party so we arranged to have our Wedding Celebrated with a party in July. Loads of people came to help us celebrate and we had lots of fun as you can see from the photographs.

Well its our Wedding Party Anniversary on the 21st July and we are doing it all again. Yes another big party at our house, fancy dress, games for the kids, competitions for the adults.......Party Time  Wahoo! Apologies if we havent already told you but you are all invited.

My next blog will tell you all about the party so if you cant join us make sure you are having fun yourselves.

Toni x

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